Dutch & Hungarian artisan cheeses, the harmony with Hungarian wines. Budapest 2008 september 10th

Dutch & Hungarian farmercheeses in combination with Hungarian top-wines will be the central theme for the college to be hold on the Boregyetem/Wine-University Budapest on wensday, 2008 september 10th. The Wine-University organizes every year different colleges about wines and gastronomy together with the organization of the Wine Festival on the Buda Castle. For the presentations and tasting during this program, six unique Dutch and six from the best Hungarian farmercheeses are selected, together with a beautifull offer of Hungarian wines.

Before the tasting of cheeses and wines, Tom de Smet (TableTom, az asztalom) will give a presentation about Dutch farmercheeses, the different sorts and tastes, their history and developments.

Also he will give attention to how the Netherlands and Hungary could work together in building up an own original artisan Hungarian cheeseculture in connection with nature conservation and agro-tourism. This presentation is made together with Fons van den Hout, cheese-expert in the Netherlands who will be also there this evening.

The tasting and presentation, organized and hold bij gastro-philosopher Dr. András Csizmadia and Tom de Smet, promises to be a tasty and exciting one, because not always cheese and wine are easily to combine! Could Dutch cheese, Hungarian wine and Hungarian cheese come together in good harmony? Taste and enjoy with them together the beautifull tastes, flavours and colours!

16.00- 16.45: Modern & Fashioned rosé and the background of red wine technology. Natural made wines? Hungarian spoken. By: Dr. Pásti György.
17.00- 17.45: Artisan Dutch farmercheese, presentation. English spoken, simultanios translation into Hungarian. By: Tom de Smet. Intro by: Dr. Csizmádia András
18.00- 19.00: Tasting/presentation of artisan Hungarian & Dutch cheese in harmony with Hungarian wines. Hungarian spoken, simultanios translation into English. By: Dr. Csizmadia András, Sándor Tamás, Tom de Smet.

location: Boregyetem, Magyar Kultúra Alapítvány Székháza
Budai vár, 1014 Budapest, Szentháromság tér 6.
date: september 10th 2008
time: 16.00-19.00 (17.00 starts Cheese College)
entryfee: Huf 4000,- Payment in advance before 09-03-2008 by registration
registration: A Borfesztivál / A Boregyetem
contact: Borfesztivál/Boregyetem: Ms. Eszter Bakos
tel/fax: Tel: +36-1-2038507 Fax: (06-1) 3190970
e-mail: Eszter Bakos

For more information and press-contacts, please take contact with:

TableTom, az asztalom
Tom de Smet
NL +31-(0)20-6380194/+31-(0)6-52135388 HU +36-(06)-70-2314149

This college is an initiatif of:
A Borfesztivál / A Boregyetem, Dr. Csizmadia András (gastro-philosopher and teacher), Fons van den Hout (Dutch cheese expert & trainer) and TableTom, az asztalom.

With thanks for their cooperation to:
Fons van den Hout-cheese expert & trainer, The Dutch Cheesemuseum Alkmaar, HongarijeVandaag, LekkersUitHongarije, BossenbroekBV Wine accessories, Holland Fish & Food-specialities from land & sea, Move2Hungary, Dutch-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, Maria Ballendux-Bogyay, Sándor Tamás/Bükki sajt, European Center for Nature Conservation ECNC, Jan en Maria Wanders-Saanenhof, De Groote Voort-Remeker, Nico en Magda Captein-Zoeterwoude, Rebecca Herman, Boris Borren and to the cooperating wine- and cheesemakers in Hungary.

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